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Thread of Life - UK Crochet Supplies

Hello there everyone!

Let's hope there is good news about ending the Covid-19lockdown in England.

At Thread of Life, we have been working on reorganising our stockroom and although there is now a load of items for us to add to the web shop, we do have loads of goodies available for you. If what you are seeking isn't yet listed, please either send us a text or give us a ring on 07702 392935. Similarly, if you do discover a snag with this site, please let us know so that we can sort out not only the items you require, we can get the webmeister to chase the gremlins out of the system.

Helen is working towards achieving a Life Coaching qualification. By the middle of 2021, coaching sessions and packages will be made available from a sister web page; watch this space for details!

In the meantime, peer support sessions are available at £10 per half hour. If you are struggling and would benefit from some help to get you through the crazy situations you may be finding yourself in, please contact Helen via or drop her a text on 07702 392935.

Take the greatest care of yourselves and know that we are here for you, in both the crochet and wellbeing areas of our activities.

All the Best - H

Not only is Thread of Life Yorkshire’s independent supplier of:

Thread of Life attends a number of specialist fibre and textile shows throughout the UK.

Helen Jordan is also an Associate Assessor for Part I of the prestigious International Diploma in Crochet distance learning course.

Our ethos is to help improve everyone’s quality of life through Helen Jordan’s passion for crochet as well as wellbeing and personal development.